About First Lady Coleman


Prophetess Sheila Coleman was born into a heavy anointing, and raised to be exactly where she is today as a woman of God chosen for this present time. As the daughter of Elder Leo and Evangelist Ernestine Joshua, she was destined to be on the cutting edge of God’s move. Now, as the wife of Bishop Terence Coleman, Prophetess Coleman is a woman equipped with the grace and tenacity for the kingdom-minded ministry of Greater Pentecostal Church.

An anointed musician and prayer warrior, she has for many years stood alongside her husband in building the ministry and caring for the saints of God. With a quiet spirit, Prophetess Coleman is a woman of great wisdom. She is an anointed teacher with a wealth of knowledge stored up for the present-day women of God. Prophetess Coleman shares the passion and vision of Bishop Coleman, and has traveled with him to foreign countries to minister through Higher Ground International Ministries.

With a certificate in Paralegal Studies, Prophetess Coleman has insight into the legalities of business administration, and applies her skills to the administration of the church.
She has a Baccalaureate Degree in Business Administration from Fontbonne University, and a keen attention to the oversight of business operations. Prophetess Coleman is the Director of the Women of Excellence Ministry of Greater Pentecostal Church, and leads by beautiful example. Under her direction, the women stand behind the vision set forth by the Pastor, and help to advance the goals and aspirations of the ministry.

Prophetess Coleman is gifted by God for healing, and under the unction of the Holy Spirit, is known to be moved by the afflictions of other women. A soft word from her is often the remedy for discouragement, and breaks even the emotional chains of the enemy.

A strong woman of faith and dedication, Prophetess Coleman responds with a ‘yes’ to God, in the call to teach and to lead, and is a tremendous blessing to the body of Christ.

A dedicated wife and mother, Prophetess Coleman is a blessing in each realm of influence God has given her.