About Bishop Coleman


Bishop Terence E. Coleman was ordained as a Minister of the Gospel in 1988 under the Midwestern District Council (MDC) of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. (PAW, INC). Bishop Coleman has been the pastor of Greater Pentecostal Church of God since 1989. He is also an anointed preacher, teacher and former television/radio minister. In 2009, he was consecrated Bishop into The Higher Ground International Ministries, where he currently serves as Assistant General Overseer of the Organization.

Formerly, Bishop Coleman was an integral part of the MDC of the PAW, Inc., where he served as Foreign Missions Director, Assistant Treasurer, Assistant General Secretary, and as a member of the Ordination Committee.

In May of 1996, Bishop Coleman graduated from Gateway College of Evangelism with an Associate’s Degree in Theology. In March 2009, St. Thomas Christian College conferred upon him the Honorary Doctorate of Divinity. He was chosen due to years of tremendous contributions, dedication, and commitment to advancing education in the body of Christ and the community.

As Assistant General Overseer and with a vision for reaching the lost, Bishop Coleman has traveled and ministered internationally. He has preached, taught, established churches, and won souls to Christ in South Africa, the Philippines, Russia, Kenya, and Dubai.

As an author, Bishop Coleman has written The Apostle’s Doctrine, giving clarity to students of the Bible on the teachings of Jesus, and The After Care Ministry, written to address the necessity of continued care and discipleship for new Christians, and The Deacons Manual, focusing on the purpose and role of a deacon. Under the anointing of God, Bishop Coleman has a very unique and creative way of ministering through illustrated sermons. His most recent accomplishment is his book The Apostle’s Doctrine has been translated to Cebuano (Philippines language).

On February 20, 2005 Bishop Coleman was presented The Earl E. Howe Community Service Award for his consistent and active role he plays in the community. In June of 2014, Homicide Ministers & Community Alliance (HMCA) recognized him for his unselfish devotion with helping provide service to homicide victim’s families.

Bishop Coleman is married to Prophetess Sheila Ann Coleman. He is the proud father of two adult children, a son Ryan and daughter, Nyla. As a family, they work tirelessly in ministry to advance the Kingdom of God.