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1. The Need.

Every Church, Organization, Artist, Event Producer and Humanitarian entity could benefit TREMENDOUSLY from On-line Media Streaming technologies and platforms. These services typically are expensive and out of reach to many if not most.

2. Free is not always "Free."

Solutions that advertise as being "free" are actually not free when your viewers are bombarded with advertisements that they are not interested in or are contradictory to you or your viewers core values. Most people have no idea that in many cases, the advertising revenue generated from the traffic that your content generates, actually goes towards funding and benefiting very offensive and morally questionable agendas.

3. The Solution.

my Video! takes the mystery, the cost, and the technical aspects, of getting your ministry streaming online FAST, CONSISTENTLY with SUPERIOR QUALITY and LOADED WITH FEATURES! We make streaming happen for you so you don't have to worry about anything. You are free to concentrate on what you need to do and we are here to utilize our broadcast technology, expertise and experience to do the rest!

Cost & Value

With any project, cost is always a factor. Streaming media and online technology deployment is no different. It doesn't take long for your online needs to start bending the budget. Some streaming solutions cost $100's if not $1,000's per month. Our my Video! philosophy is simple. We are technology innovators and as well as integrators that have an interest in seeing you succeed. Providing a cost "enabling" model helps to accomplish all our goal of empowering your vision.

Can I Stream Other Things Besides Preaching?

Yes. Our my Video ministry Online High-Performance Media Portals can be set for Spoken Word, Music & Arts Ministries along with Global Humanitarian Media Portals.

I'm REALLY - REALLY Just Getting Starting. Can You Help Me?

YES. Our experience in network broadcasting and building and integrating systems for Ministry and Commercial clients from the ground up - gives us a unique perspective in making things happen. It doesn't matter if you have a major motion picture budget or a budget that looks more like the shoe string that broke yesterday, we can have you looking top-of-the-line in no time!