About Lady Stewart

Sister Stewart is the wife of Elder Frank H. Stewart, the pastor of the Agape Community Temple of Servants (A.C.T.S.) in Conway and Little Rock, Arkansas, of which she is the co-founder and spiritual supporter. They have been married for twenty-four years. They have four beautiful children, which are Frank Nicolas, Candace Marie, Philip Joseph, and Charity Denise. She is a loving and supporting wife and a mother second to none, a woman that A.C.T.S. is proud to call "our First Lady" and "Church Mother."

She was saved at Greater First Deliverance Temple under Bishop Vanuel C. Little, Sr., where she was a faithful and dedicated member for ten years. She served as the Junior Bible Bowl coach, Doctrinal Statement announcer, Baptismal Assistant, Altar Worker, Bishop's and Mass Choir member, Hospitality Co-Chairperson with her husband, and Ministers', Deacons', and Trustees' Wives leader. On the state level, she served as the Secretary of the Oklahoma State Sunday School Department. She was on a foundation built and predestined by Jesus, giving her first-hand experience in assisting her husband in building up the Lord's house in Conway and in North Little Rock.

She and her husband, along with their two children, moved to Conway, Arkansas under the direction of the Lord to begin a marvelous and anointed work for Him. They have now been at Agape Community Church (now A.C.T.S.) for nineteen years, where the Lord is continuing to bless, teach, save, heal, and deliver, set many souls free, and reunite families and relationships back together. As always, Sister Stewart works diligently while possessing all the Fruit Of The Spirit (Galatians 5: 22-26), and that of a wise and virtuous woman, which the scriptures speak of in Proverbs 31; for her worth is far above rubies.

At Agape she has served as the Church Office Administrator, Sunday School Superintendent, the Young People's President, Secretary, Children's Choir Directress, Children's Auxiliary President, church and radio announcer, Program Chairperson, Treasurer, bus driver, cook, praise leader and fundraiser chairperson. She has also worked in the area of publicity, prayer band, hospitality, drama, junior bible bowl coaching, and the doctrinal statement announcer. She is presently a Senior Board member, the Ministers', Deacons', and Trustees' Wives' President, the Young Adult Christian Education teacher, Baptismal and Altar worker, an anointed inspirational speaker, church Banquet Director, and wherever else a need arises.

On the State level, she has served as the Christian Education Directress for the Arkansas District Council Young People's Department, and the Treasurer and the News Letter Editor for the Arkansas District Council Minister's Wives Auxiliary. On the National level she currently serves